​Knightsbridge (5 colours)

​Knightsbridge is a beautifully rich, full grain, aniline dyed leather. It is smooth and silky to the touch and the further addition of waxes and oils enables a pull up effect when the leather is stretched. This type of leather marks when lightly scratched or scuffed, this gives a pleasing variation to each piece of furniture. which will also result in a more relaxed lived in appearance with use. Due to the finishing of this type of leather a pleasing aroma is also clearly in evidence. Pull up type leathers do not have a consistant colour and due to the nature of the leather, should be protected from direct sunlight, and not placed close to radiators, which will cause rapid fading of the colour. Evidence of marks and scarring will be seen in the finish. Each hide is unique and swatch samples should be regarded as no more than a guide, for these types of leathers.


Category: Aniline

Raw Material: European

Average Hide Size: 55 Square Feet

Average Thickness: 0.9 - 1.1 mm

Country of Origin: Italy

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