​Branco (2 colours)

​Branco is a heavily distressed and oily type of leather with aniline finishing. Extra fat liquors are applied during tanning, to give the leather a slightly damp and oily finish. Additionally the leather is tanned in such a way as to highlight the natural marks and scars found in the hide. Marks are treated to darken them, so that they show clearly through to the topcoat.

Like all Pull-Up leathers, Branco will not have a consistent colour density across the whole hide and is designed to change colour when pulled or stretched. This means that furniture will have a much more relaxed and aged look from new. Branco is not as colour fast as pigmented hides and should be protected from sunlight and not placed next to radiators where it may dry out and fade quickly. Each hide is unique and swatch samples should be regarded as no more than a guide, for this leather.


Average Hide Size: 55 Square Feet

Country of Origin: Italy

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